Thursday, December 18, 2008

You, Children and President Elect Obama’s Transition Team

Posted by Michele Olson

Do you think the kids “across the pond” are that different from kids here in America?

Probably not. Turns out that kids in England who participated in a poll would like a ban on divorce. If they ruled the world, that would be something they would get in place. It’s an interesting study on what kids are thinking.

Speaking of kids, and families and marriages…you have the opportunity to tell President Elect Obama and his transition team what you think about the social issues that his administration will be directly addressing. Click on this link and then under “Agenda” at the top of the screen, pick a social cause, and click “join the discussion.”

We need your help in letting the new administration know that marriage education is vitally important for our future. Explore our website at for more information on the importance of marriage education and then let your voice be heard!



Andrea Lee said...

Great post! Too bad the study on children wanting a ban on divorce didn't get more media attention. Wonder what children in the U.S. would say... said...

Thanks for commenting Andrea...
Anyone out there have a background in having studied this in American kids? Teachers or guidance counselors who have made observations at school? We'd be interested in what you've seen.