Thursday, August 21, 2008

Which Ever Way You Lean; Vote Marriage!

posted by Michele Olson

This is a letter that was drafted by the California Healthy Marriages Coalition, a healthy marriage initiative working in the state of California. We can easily adapt it to use it here in our state of Wisconsin...and we don't even have to do the work of writing the whole letter!

Whether you are a Democrat or can make your voice heard when it comes to healthy marriages and their importance to our country. Once you've read the California version, check out this template for a Wisconsin version.

Dear Mr. President-to-be,

Senator Obama, Senator McCain: Do marriages matter to you? We hope they do, because they certainly matter to (name Wisconsin County, and Wis.County kids.) And, to all the kids in America.

Kids thrive in families where their parents have a healthy marriage. Sadly, most couples don't know what it takes to have a healthy marriage. This can be devastating for their kids. Plus, it costs taxpayers a bundle. Family breakdown is costing Wisconsin $737 million a year according to a recent report from Georgia State University Economist Benjamin Scafidi and David Blankenhorn from the Institute for American Values. Across America, the social cost of divorce is estimated to be $112 Billion each year.

Fortunately, there is Marriage Education! Marriage Education is a preventive, skill-based approach that teaches couples the skills for marital success. It's painless and fun and it helps couples have the kind of relationship they want to have for their own lives and for the lives of their children. Research shows that couples who take Marriage Education classes are significantly less likely to divorce.

Marriage Education programs are alive and well here in Wisconsin.
Through a wide variety of Marriage Education and Relationship Skills classes available at the Wisconsin website, , we are teaching thousands of people each year how to strengthen their marriages and families.
There are six key counties in Wisconsin benefiting from the Federal appropriation that funds the Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families Healthy Marriage Demonstration Grants.

This funding is helping families thrive, and saving our communities from the much greater cost of family breakdown. in Wisconsin is grateful for this funding and we hope we can count on you keep this worthwhile endeavor going forward.

Because Healthy Marriages Matter,
(Your name)

So there you have it...the template of a letter you can customize and send to your favorite candidate. Please let us know what you are doing. You can get a copy of the report from The Institute for American Values that talks about the cost of divorce and unwed childbearing to our nation and our state. Visit on the home page for details of how we can send you the report, or how you can download it for free.

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