Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Beauty of the Flag Page

by Michele Olson

Once you've done a Flag Page, you'll find yourself asking other people... "have you done your Flag Page?"

Developed by Larry Bilotta and used also by Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage, the Flag Page is a simple online test that helps you understand your passions in life...what makes you tick. It's not a personality test, but it does come amazingly close to understanding what really "trips your trigger" in life.

Larry is the leading authority on understanding people. Rather than a psychologist, Larry is a former advertising agency specialist who built his system for understanding people on the foundation of psychology studies and 11 years of his own research. The Flag Page helps to simplify the complex ideas of psychology in order to quickly and easily understand the motivations of people. He has used this tool to help over 4,000 people gain focus, motivation and a sense of purpose in life. The Flag Page is a simple, on line tool that gives a surprisingly accurate level of insight into what motivates people.

This proven tool has been used to reduce stress and create understanding in a wide range of areas from businesses to marriage.

Right now you can get a free flag page code if you attend a FREE Laugh Your Way Seminar with Mark Gungor of Laugh Your Way on High Def Screens and in-person presenter Larry Bilotta!
July 26th in Fond du Lac, WI and Aug. 9 in Appleton, WI. Register at by entering the Classes area.

You can also purchase Flag Page codes at

So...what's your Flag Page?


Anonymous said...

How will the flag page help my marriage? I really need help in understanding my husband and I think he needs help in understanding me. He just doesn't seem to get me. Do you think the flag page would help us?

The Foundation for a Great Marriage said...

Dear Anon,
The answer is a resounding YES! The real beauty of the Flag Pag is you get to know who you are and who your spouse is in a non-threatening way. The truth is most people don't sit and dwell on what their passions in life are and what makes them tick. So when you really start to understand why you think and feel the way you do and why another person may think and feel differently...and it's not actually an afront to you...just how they are made opens up a whole new world of understanding to motives and motivations. That opens up some healthy understanding and discussion about who you are as people. No one feels judged, or offended or like someone is pointing a finger at them. I hope you can make it to a Laugh Your Way free seminar July 26th or Aug 9 in Fond du lac and Appleton on the classes tab at, but if you can't , visit and learn more about the Flag Page!

Anonymous said...

thanks, I have decided to go to Laugh Your Way. I will let you know what I think about it.

The Foundation for a Great Marriage said...

I look forward to hearing about your experience, and your flag page! Remember, if you live in Wisconsin or Upper Michigan,tell your friends about this great opportunity to attend a Laugh Your Way Seminar for FREE!

Anonymous said...

The Program was wonderful! I learned so much about my spouse. The Flag Page really helped me to understand what makes my spouse tick. And the Laugh Your Way portion was very insightful as well. I would recommend this to anyone. Thanks for offering this program to our community!

The Foundation for a Great Marriage said...

Dear Anon,
Thanks for the great follow-up! I'm so glad you attended and that you found it to be enjoyable and valuable. Spread the word about all our thinkmarriage workshops.
Go to, click on the classes tab and sign up for a workshop in your area. Keep blogging!