Friday, July 25, 2008

Poll Finds Americans Still Believe in Marriage

posted by Michele Olson

Turns out people still know a good thing when they see it. We all know the sad 50% divorce statistic, and we might be thinking people don't believe in marriage anymore.

Not so according to results from a new GK Roper poll.

The article states that marriage is so valued by society that people look at it as a goal in life. If you have the ability to talk to some teenagers, ask them if they hope to be married someday. You'll find even in an unscientific study that they do see themselves married along their life path.

It's also interesting to note that young people who have grown up in a culture of divorce are not scared away from the commitment marriage provides. Instead, they look at failed relationships around them and believe that their relationship will work out differently.
Now we need to let them know that their chances of achieving the goal of a successful marriage is even better with pre-marital and on-going marriage education. Please help us spread the word...people deserve to achieve their life goals.

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