Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Meet Sarah and Tim, they're getting married!

Welcome to a guest blogger, Sarah Nass, Brown County Director here at thinkmarriage and someone who is newly engaged! We thought you would really enjoy following Sarah’s journey from how she and Tim met and all the adventures along the way to their wedding. As a trained healthy relationship facilitator, Sarah is getting first- hand knowledge on putting her education, into practical action. Tune in to this blog often to keep up to date with Sarah and Tim’s story!
Sarah writes:
We’ve been engaged for a little over a month now. In some ways it seems much longer than that, and some days I think to myself, “What? I’m getting married!?!!” Tim and I met at his sister’s wedding. (Tim’s now brother-in-law M. and I have known each other for almost 6 years. I met Tim’s sister S. when she and M. began dating a few years ago, and was invited to share in the wedding doings.) We actually only saw each other when the bachelor and bachelorette parties ran into each other by accident. His sister had mentioned earlier in the evening at dinner that her brother was single, and one of us should consider dating him. She listed some of his qualities: good-looking, smart, kind, great job, funny…shy. I wasn’t interested in getting involved, as great as he sounded. Too good to be true? I even said to my friend J. who was sitting next to me, “You can have him, he’s yours, I don’t want him, no way, no how!”
I basically ignored him all night. I did, however, notice just how handsome he was.
I figured there must be something really wrong with him.
Or maybe he’s just a jerk.
Probably is.
Skip forward a couple weeks. It wasn’t until the wedding reception that he came up and started making conversation (read flirting, or trying to). His straightforward manner and lack of any sort of false bravado intrigued me instantly. How refreshing! One of things he started talking about first was the new router he had just gotten in the mail, and how he felt like a kid at Christmastime. Tearing open the packaging. Pulling out the instruction manual. Pouring over it like it held the answers to all of life’s questions. And telling me all of these things with a grin on his face, knowing fully that his power tool obsession was a thing of amusement. “Hmm, there’s someone who knows how to laugh at himself. I dig it. He just earned a Gold Star.” We wound up talking for several hours that night, and somehow he managed to get my phone number as I was leaving.
I didn’t really know if he’d call or not, but I figured it couldn’t hurt.

Watch this blog to follow Sarah's story! Next time... there obviously had to be a first date, but what was it like?
We'd love to hear your thoughts and maybe you'd like to share the story of how you and your spouse met ...feel free!

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