Thursday, October 09, 2008

Are You Satisfied with Your Marriage?

posted by Michele Olson

There’s a 64 million dollar question to ponder!

We hear about “sticking it out” and “staying together for the kids” but we often hear more about satisfaction from a Rolling Stones song than we do about someone being satisfied in their marriage.

It would be hard to find a married couple who doesn’t want to have a satisfying marriage. It’s a big reason we take the plunge in the first place.

According to John Gottman, a top researcher in the area of marital satisfaction, it’s the “little movements toward our spouse that increase our contentment with each other. It’s the smile, the opening of the door, the back rub, the kiss on the cheek, the kind word, or the gift of their favorite ice cream.”

The question becomes; what can you do to enhance your marital satisfaction?

Often times we aren't working on marital satisfaction because it hasn’t occurred to us.
When talking with many couples who are no longer together, they acknowledge that they weren’t looking for big things…just little every day niceties or being kind would have been grand in their eyes.
We can change that.
Let’s start thinking about it and deciding to do just one thing each day that we know would increase the marital satisfaction of our mate.

So the question isn’t, are you satisfied with your marriage, but rather, what have you done to make your marriage more satisfying?

The Catholic Church has a great video campaign out called: What Have You Done for Your Marriage Today?

You can view their videos here.

So, thinkmarriage blogger, how’s your marital satisfaction?

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