Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Marriage Advice from an Ad Man

posted by Michele Olson

Roy Hollister Williams is a marketing consultant who has landed on the best sellers list because of his books known as the Wizard of Ads book trilogy. He puts out a very interesting Monday Morning Memo that normally talks about advertising , but this past week , his topic was different.

It was about cheating husbands.

It’s really about first time fathers and warning them about the “backlash” of having their first child. Roy warns that along with the joy will come a host of unexpected feelings that he was warned about and chooses to warn his young married friends about.

He gives very tangible instructions about what to do with these feelings that will inevitably come along. There’s also a link to his views on why women cheat.

He’s not a marriage guru, but he is a person who will always get you thinking.

Read the memo and see what you think.

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Anonymous said...

This Monday Morning Memo is remarkable. Not only is it beneficial information for soon-to-be fathers, but this information would also be helpful to the soon-to-be mothers out there so they can understand what their husband's are experiencing.

Thanks so much for sharing this information.

The Foundation for a Great Marriage said...

Hello Anon,
It also points to the fact of how important it is for married couples to mentor younger married couples whenever possible. That's the "Pass it on" portion of our mission at www.thinkmarriage.org

Prepare for a great marriage, Protect the marriage you are in and then Pass on the legacy of a great marriage.
* prepare * protect * pass it on
Thanks for blogging!