Monday, March 08, 2010

Now That's Beautiful Music

posted by Michele Olson

Alan and Marilyn Bergman (pictured a little younger and with Marvin Hamlisch) have been making beautiful music together as husband and wife for 53 years. Why do those names sound familiar? Because you probably know their music…literally. CBS Sunday morning did a wonderful profile of them yesterday as part of telling stories on the Oscars, but today, I cannot find the story on the site with all the other Oscar buzz! It’s frustrating because it was such a great interview about their marriage, as well as their Academy Award winning work. I did find a 2007 interview on NPR that you may enjoy.

Sinatra, Streisand, Rosemary Clooney ,Tony Bennett – they’ve all recorded this famous teams songs. Marilyn and Alan Bergman have been writing irresistible tunes together for over 50 years.

In describing their song writing style they talk about how it’s much like marriage. At one point, one partner is taking the lead and the other serving as editor. In a heartbeat, the roles can change, but always for the end result; beautiful music.

Alan wooed Marilyn by writing a song for her, and as songwriters, they’ve been working together ever since. “The Way We Were”: they wrote it.
Movies like “Tootsie” and “Thomas Crown Affair” all have their music.

“Maude” and “Good Times” TV theme songs were also written by this amazing team.

Sting, Barbra Streisand, Maureen McGovern, Johnny Mathis….they’ve all had hits from their music.

They are a great example of keeping the love alive, even when you are together most of the time. If anyone can zero in on the March 7th CBS Sunday Morning interview with them, please forward it to me at

This couple writing love songs for over 50 years while “walking the talk” is truly inspiring!

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