Thursday, March 04, 2010

Wisdom From Couples Married Over 50 Years

posted by Michele Olson

Staying married for fifty years. That’s an accomplishment. Staying together for fifty plus years and still really loving each other. That’s impressive.

MSN Lifestyle recently highlighted three couples who fall into that category. Read their stories.
A lifetime of working it out for Betty and Louis, Ayako and Pete and Stella and Ben. Their stories will encourage you in your own marriage. What kind of wisdom can we glean from these couples?
According to the article, here are some reasons they think their marriage has lasted so long:

We don't read newspapers at breakfast. We talk to each other." —Betty

"Our clocks click exactly the same. Whenever Betty wants to do something, I want to do it, too." —Louis

"My mother and daddy got along like peaches and cream. You see that sort of example and try to do what they did." —Betty

"We married young, but we were grounded. To make it work, you need to have a good head on your shoulders — which even some 35-year-olds don't have." —Louis

My father always told me, 'Marry a smart man.' Because if I married a smart man, I would never starve." —Ayako

"Let her go shopping. More than once, I've left a garage sale and gone to get my truck to carry all her antiques home. But true to Japanese tradition, we tolerate and accept every part of each other's personalities." —Pete

"When we just started out, Pete used to lose his temper a lot. The stress of his police job got to him. I always stayed calm, and soon he wanted to handle things like I do." —Ayako

"Ben doesn't say, 'I love you,' and I don't force him to. Instead, I appreciate it when he brings me a sandwich in bed. Especially since he hates crumbs in the sheets." —Stella

"Don't get angry over more than one thing at a time. People jump around from one issue to another." —Ben

"We still kiss. We're affectionate. But it comes naturally. It doesn't happen for show. Sometimes we just lay down in bed and hold hands." —Stella

No matter how long you’ve been married, what words of wisdom would you add?

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