Monday, April 19, 2010

See a Black Marriage Day Event and Plan Now for Next Year

posted by Michele Olson

March 28, 2010 was Black Marriage Day as we mentioned in a previous blog. Many wonderful celebrations were held around the country. There was a very successful Black Marriage Day event with wedding vow renewals in Milwaukee, WI. Here is a look at that day and the event.

According to, the hub for the day:
Any entity interested in celebrating the joy of marriage in the Black community can host a Black Marriage Day event. Organize couples in your family, social or work group to stand up on Black Marriage Day and celebrate marriage. The goal is to change the hearts and minds of the Black community to cherish and celebrate the marriages that we currently have while encouraging more to commit themselves to marriage so more children grow up with the gift of a two parent family.

Since we all know how fast time flies, now is probably the time to begin planning for a Black Marriage Day event in your community for 2011. Use the video above for inspiration and think about what you can do for the event next year.

Anyone have stories to share about Black Marriage Day celebrations you attended?

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