Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Father's Day to All the Dads!

posted by Michele Olson

Happy Father’s Day to Dad’s everywhere from thinkmarriage!

Here’s something interesting to share: there is a new campaign geared to African American Fathers from the National Fatherhood Initiative called: What's Your Legacy? They are also promoting a media campaign designed to inspire African American fathers (or men who are thinking about having children) to consider marriage for its benefits to the well-being of their children. Based on inspirational stories, the campaign serves to encourage their younger peers to consider how important marriage will be in their journey to build a legacy for their own families.

The campaign is also supported by the brand new website featuring the interactive African American Marriage Wall. This Wall allows visitors to add a “brick” that contains text and photos telling their families marriage story. This is truly a place to build a legacy for future generations. Because it’s in the very beginning stages, now is a great time to add a story.

To all Fathers everywhere…thanks for all you do!
Do you have any great “Dad” stories you would like to share?


Anonymous said...

So if the African American fathers aren't married, they shouldn't be on the wall??

The Foundation for a Great Marriage said...

Thanks for your comment! It's a good question to pose...I think their intent is to bring attention to the problem of the huge decline in intact African American Families. Interesting that one of our main Presidental candidates spoke about it this past weekend too. I would encourage you to go to their site and pose your question. Here's their reasoning behind the site in general:
Thanks for blogging!
Why Launch the Legacy Campaign?
You may be asking, "Why is it necessary to have a campaign dedicated to celebrating and encouraging marriage in the black community?"

Marriage has always been a crucial part of the African American life and heritage. In fact, from 1890 (the first year we have records) until around 1960, African Americans were as likely to get married as whites. Then, marriage started to become less and less common. Even though marriage was declining among all groups in the country, it was declining much more rapidly in the African American community. Now marriage rates among blacks are at historic lows, and the research shows that this decline in marriage is having a negative impact on African American men, women, and especially children.