Monday, June 02, 2008

Wisconsin Constitutional News

Posted by Michele Olson

It can be hard to keep up with everything happening on a state and national level. Not every issue gets a big headline in the newspaper. So it's helpful when you can read a press release that summarizes rulings that you should be aware of. No matter what your opinion on the matter is...we want you to be informed.

On May 30th, a Dane County Circuit Court judge ruled that Wisconsin's Marriage Protection Amendment does not violate the "single purpose" or single subject provision of the Wisconsin Constitution. Wisconsin Family Council, who was represented by the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), filed an amicus (friend of the court) brief for oral arguments before Judge Richard Niess. To read a press release from Wisconsin Family Council regarding this ruling, click here.

Feel free to blog what you DO think and we'll keep you posted as we get more news on this important subject.


Anonymous said...

As a woman who is married to another woman, and as a mother of a beautiful one-year-old boy, I am deeply saddened by this news.

Marriage benefits all families. Children benefit from having two legally married parents. Spouses benefit from having their marriage legally recognized. In families where a marriage is not recognized, it puts unnecessary hardships on everyone.

I hope that someday people will see that two loving adults can have a great marriage no matter their gender.

My wife and I have been happily married for nearly 5 years. We did seek pre-marital counseling prior to marrying. I went only because she really wanted to, but now I would highly recommend that everyone seek some sort of pre-marital counseling. The counseling helped us to identify our strengths and weaknesses as a couple, identify issues where we differ in opinion, and circumvent possible future problems. We learned how to more effectively communicate with each other and how to plan for our future together.

I consider myself very lucky to be married to such a wonderful, generous, understanding, and caring wife and mother.

No matter what our individual beliefs and values are, we all love our families, value our marriages, and want what is best for our families.

The Foundation for a Great Marriage said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thanks for leaving your comment. We appreciate you taking the time to leave your opinion on our blog.