Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Free Classes, Free Gas

posted by Michele Olson
It gets your attention.
Sometimes it's something worthwhile, other times...you feel ripped off. Here is one instance where you can look at the word FREE and let go of any time you've ever hoped something FREE would be great and were disappointed. This will not leave you shaking your head, but instead smiling ear to ear when you consider the positive skills it can bring to your life.
All classes for married couples are FREE for the summer at thinkmarriage.org !
It's true. Yes, that's a $69 value...so cha ching cha ching! But that's not all..the first 20 couples that register in a county and complete the course will receive a $50 gas card once the class is done.
Free Classes. Free Gas.
And you can choose from classes like Family Wellness, 10 Great Dates for Married Couples and Marriage L.I.N.K.S!
Complete details are on the registration area of our website.
There really won't be a better time than this to enhance your marriage with greater skill, spark and fun.
What are you waiting for?
P.S. Tell your friends!

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