Monday, July 21, 2008

First Date, Sarah and Tim

Second blog (scroll down or look in blog archives to read Sarah's first blog) Welcome to a guest blogger, Sarah Nass, Brown County Director here at thinkmarriage and someone who is newly engaged! We thought you would really enjoy following Sarah’s journey from how she and Tim met and all the adventures along the way to their wedding. As a trained healthy relationship facilitator, Sarah is getting first- hand knowledge on putting her education, into practical action. Tune in to this blog often to keep up to date with Sarah and Tim’s story!
Sarah writes:

“FIRST DATE” or “I think there might be something to this…oh man, am I in trouble!”

Tim called me a couple days later to set up a date. I was still skeptical.
“I don’t know that I want to go on a date”, I said.
His response, “Well then, we can call it something else, but I’m still taking you out.”
We didn’t end up figuring out any date plans for the following weekend, but we did end up talking for THREE hours, and totally lost track of the time. Somehow we got our plans sorted out, and we agreed on the following Saturday for Asian grille. As it happened, that Saturday night was also the first Packers pre-season game. (For those of you who are from Green Bay, you know what a HUGE deal this is to most). I thought he would try to reschedule our date, or convince me to order take-out and go back to his place to watch the game. I had just come from another wedding reception, and had dressed up a bit. He greeted me at the door in a collared shirt and tie, looking as dapper as could be.
He also made it clear that there was no way he’d skip our date, or alter the plans we’d made just to watch the Packers (WOW- Gold Star #2). We had a great dinner, and then the evening continued as we talked until after 2 in morning. We covered many important topics that first night. How we each approach dating(with long term intentions in mind, and kind of as an interview process, as it turns out!) , things about our families and how we were raised, personal goals, different jobs we’d held; he even busted out his high school yearbook. Scary. I think both of us knew then that there was something of real value between us, and that we wanted to pursue it deliberately, wisely, and thoughtfully.
Tune in to Sarah's next blog when they ponder taking their relationship forward when they don't live in the same city...


Anonymous said...

Congratulation Ms Sarahh
We are so happy for you! It will be very nice to watch your relationship develop on this page and I wish you both the best of luck. Also want to commend you for opening your lives to share with others so they hear/see what healthy is like.
Here is to the best years yet to come!
From your friendly newlywed :-)

The Foundation for a Great Marriage said...

Dear Newlywed,
You're truly is a gift that Tim and Sarah are willing to share this special time in their life with everyone on the blog! Tell your friends about the blog because along with great stories, you'll be learning some valuable lessons along the way about healthy realtionships! Stay tuned as their wonderful story unfolds!