Monday, January 26, 2009

If The Shoe Fits

posted by Michele Olson
When something big happens in the economy, the “future tellers” come out in droves to tell us what to expect or what this means. One big trend being touted is the idea that it’s better to “repair than replace.”

That makes sense.
Your expensive shoes wearing out? Better to get them resoled than to buy a whole new pair. Your lawn equipment on the fritz? Better to get it repaired than to buy a whole new lawnmower.

Your husband or wife driving you crazy?

Better to repair than replace.

That’s right. We come from an era of “out with the old and in with the new”…but we know statistically that when a marriage ends, the same processes that worked to build family wealth now work in reverse to drain the bank account.

We already have too many things draining our bank accounts…let’s not add a divorce to the mix.
That’s where marriage education comes in. At (click the classes tab) we have some very affordable marriage education classes that you and your spouse can attend.

You’ll learn healthy ways to communicate and resolve conflicts.

Explore and this blog to learn healthy relationship tips that can go a long way in “repairing” your marriage.

Times are tough. Repair instead of replace.

Maybe what’s good for the sole, is good for soul mates.

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