Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Military and Marriage

posted by Michele Olson

Every day stress in life can be hard on a relationship, but throw in an allegiance to Uncle Sam and you can imagine the added problems that could arise.

God Bless every single person who has or ever will serve in the military, in any capacity. That being said, serving your country can be tough on your marriage.

Thank goodness that many branches of the military are paying attention to this fact.
Military divorce rates rose by .1 percent – to 3.4 percent- during fiscal 2008, with 492 more divorces that the previous year according to a Pentagon spokesperson.

The Marine Corp experienced the biggest increase…from 3.3. to 3.7 percent. That adds up to 3,077 divorces last year. The Army also increased while the rate dropped .2 percent in the Navy and remained stable in the Air Force.

The military services are now providing a full range of outreach programs. They are often offered through the services’ family support, chaplain and mental health counseling networks.

If you are in the military, or have a family member or friend serving our country…encourage marriage education for every military couple. That includes couples who are done with their service and are adjusting back to civilian life.

To read more on this subject visit The Military Family Network.

Want to thank a military person or couple for their service to our country? has gift certificates available for healthy relationship/marriage workshops in six Wisconsin counties.

Tell us your story as a couple in the military.

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