Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Strong Washington Marriages

posted by Michele Olson
It's a historic day in our country. Here's something to ponder as you reflect on everything happening. Our outgoing President entered, kept and is leaving with what appears to be a strong healthy marriage intact.
That's an accomplishment in a job that has to be an ultimate stress on marriage!
Our incoming President has shown himself to be a strong family man with a strong marriage at a time in our history when we need to see that. According to a 2005 UC Davis economists study, divorce has an even greater impact on African American children than white children. The study found that in the first two years following a divorce, family income among white children falls about 30percent, while it falls by 53 percent among black children. The study also found that in three or more years after a divorce, about a third of the loss in whites' household income is recouped, but the income of black families barely improves.
Here are some more staggering facts:
Only 44.9% of Black householders in family households live with a spouse.
Black families are less likely to contain a married couple than all other groups.
Black males and females are more likely to be unmarried than Whites, Hispanics, or American Indian/Alaskan Natives
At thinkmarriage.org we know that strong and healthy relationships and marriages are the foundation of a strong America.
Of all the hopes, prayers and wishes we have for the new first family...a strong marriage through President Obama's term has to be one of the most important we can hope for.

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