Monday, May 04, 2009

Marriage and Your Physical Well-Being

posted by Michele Olson

With all the talk of swine flu in the news…everyone is thinking about staying healthy!

Cindy Haines, M.D. had an interesting article in the St. Louis Beacon recently talking about what a conscientious spouse can do for your health. She talks about a study with over 2,000 couples where they were asked to rate their own levels of conscientiousness as well as answer questions about their health. One of the most unique findings of the study is the affect a conscientious spouse has on your health, even if you are diligent and meticulous person already. The bottom line: a healthy marriage is good for your physical health too.

You can read her article as well as the research here.

This coincides with Myth #3 in the Marriage Myth Buster Guide which talks about the health benefits to being and staying married.

Maybe instead of an apple a day, the adage should be, “Saying ‘I do’ keeps the doctor away!"
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How does your marriage affect your physical health?

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