Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This Will Put A Smile on Your Face: Married 81 Years!

posted by Michele Olson

Most people reading this have not been alive 81 years, let alone married 81 years! That’s why it’s fun today to reflect a moment on Frank and Anita Milford.

Frank is 101 and Anita is 100 and they celebrated their 81st Anniversary Tuesday. In 260 days they will have the honor of having the longest marriage in Great Britain.

So, what is the secret to such a long and enduring marriage?

A little argument every day, or a “row” as they say in jolly old England. Not a big fight, just the “odd cross word” Anita advises. They also feel “a little romance” is equally as important. Their advice to young people (that would be us young ‘uns only married 30 years) is to make time for a little romance every day.

It's a story to put a smile on your face and one we can aspire to. Read the complete story here.

What about you? How many years has the longest married couple in your circle of influence been married? What have you observed?

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