Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Where Do You Fit In? ( Because You Do Fit In Somewhere!)

Posted by Michele Olson

Where do you fit in when it comes to being a healthy relationship and marriage champion?

Are you a business owner?

In a faith based organization?

An educator?

A public official or work in a social agency?

A health care professional?

A judge or attorney?

A therapist or counselor?

Do you work in the media?

Or …none of the above. Maybe you are just an everyday marriage champion in your own way.

Perhaps someone in your circle of influence falls into one of the categories mentioned. All of these people have a role in affecting healthy relationships and marriages at a very foundational level. If all of these people in these professions paid close attention to their influence on marriage, we would be operating in a very different arena. We would be better off.

Not quite sure what we mean by that? Explore! Then let us know if you do work in one of these professions, and your feedback. Or… thoughts on how this information affects your viewpoint.

Feel free to forward this blog on to “the professionals” in your world.

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