Monday, June 08, 2009

How to Lower Your Risk of Divorce by 30%!

Posted by Michele Olson

What happens if you never change the oil in your car?

What happens if you never go to the dentist?

What happens if you never get a physical from a doctor?

What happens when you don’t do anything concrete to work on your marriage?

Studies now show that taking part in marriage education is a good idea for any marriage.
A study published in early 2009 titled, "Investigating the Effects of Marriage and Relationship Education on Couples' Communication Skills: A Meta-Analytic Study" by the American Psychological Association, a scientific and professional organization that represents psychologists confirms what is really common sense….it pays to work on your marriage.

Looking at more than 100 published and unpublished studies dating back to 1975, the study found a significant positive effect on a couple’s communication skills and relationship quality when they attended marriage education courses.

Determine now that you are going to take a marriage workshop or class in your area. Why not decide to take one before the end of the year? Check out the classes tab at or research what is available in your neck of the woods.

Here’s another great resource: Drs. Michelle and Patrick Gannon talking about the importance of marriage education with some couples telling what it means to them. They cite the statistic that 10 hours in a skills based workshop can reduce your divorce risk by 30%! Wow! What couple wouldn’t invest 10 hours to reduce their likelihood of divorce? Now that’s return on investment. Take a moment to watch this short You Tube video.

Don’t be afraid to ask yourself: What am I doing in a tangible way to work on my marriage?

Let us hear from you…have you been to a marriage workshop of any kind? Did you learn communication and conflict resolution skills, and how did they change your marriage?

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