Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Quiz Question: Who Doesn't Love a Quiz?

Posted by Michele Olson
Who doesn’t love a fun quiz type exercise to find out more about yourself, your loved ones or a situation?

Power of Two has a great website filled with these types of quizzes which also include graphics that will make you smile. The latest quiz question asks: Are you an effective listener?
Although this is geared to expectant parents…anyone can learn from the skills being taught.
The expectant parent area of the site also contains self assessments, skill builders, quiz shows and new Dad skills…all interactive, fun, informative and well worth your time.

With an eye on growth, right now the quizzes are in the teen and expectant parent area…with more to come married and engaged couples.
Explore and have some fun at PowerofTwo.org They’ve hit on a very engaging style of learning. Take a break from your regular routine today and take a few quizzes!

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