Thursday, June 18, 2009

We Need You Dad

posted by Michele Olson
It’s almost time to celebrate Father’s Day. It’s a banner year for the celebration as this is the 100th anniversary observance of the very first Father’s Day. A National Responsible Fatherhood Rally is being planned for June 20th on the Mall in Washington D.C. where organizers are asking all dads to make a simple five point commitment to their children. The five elements are:
Loving, Coaching, Modeling, Encouraging and Enlisting.

From the website: This June, Father's across the nation will convene at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC prepared to take an oath of dedication to their children and families to be RESPONSIBLE. In the words of Fatherhood expert, Dr. Jeffery M. Johnson, "When you are a Father, you are a Father for LIFE." Transcending stereotypes, past mistakes and present fears, NPCL, Guest Speakers and Dad's across the nation strive to encourage responsible fatherhood throughout the U.S. in a powerful and unforgettable way!

If you are not a dad, realize that there are 25 million children living without their dads who would still benefit from the involvement of a father figure. If you are so inclined, keep your eyes and ears open to opportunities to be like a dad to someone.

It will be interesting to see if this event gets followed in the news.

Any of you heading to this rally? Let us know what you learned!

In another Dad’s Day note: A recent article states something that we have heard in the past; when it comes to preventing risky teen sex, there may be no better deterrent than a doting dad. Lead author of the study, Rebekah Levine Coley of Boston College hopes the recent study which was published in the journal Child Development will encourage both moms and dads to keep trying to connect with their teenage children, even as their kids are pushing them away.

At the end of the day, we need dads in so many ways.

All dads! For those days when you don’t feel appreciated or that you are making a difference, please come back and read this blog.

We appreciate you Dad. We need you Dad. Keep up the good work Dad.

Thank you Dad!

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