Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Add A Little Humor to Your Day

Posted by Michele Olson

There are many comic strips that comment on marriage and relationships. One that tickles my funny bone is a strip called Pickles.

Yesterday's cartoon finds Earl and his wife Opal sitting on the couch. Opal finds something in an article that talks about the keys to a long-lasting marriage. Earl in true "Earl" fashion comments that if they don't have two TVs, it's all a bunch of hooey.

The comic strip is the creation of Brian Crane, and his real life in-laws are the inspiration for these characters. Even though he had the desire to be a cartoonist and had an art degree, he didn't tackle the world of comics strips until he was in his 40's. At times he was willing to give up, but his wife Diana kept encouraging him to keep going. He also comments through the characters he's created on day-to-day things he observes in his own life as a husband and father. Noticing that his wife couldn't put her make-up on without sticking out her tongue became the subject of a comic.

It's great to take an endearing look at some of the day to day things in a relationship that can either become the basis of an argument, or be seen as part of the dance of an intimate journey.

Meanwhile, it's always healthy to laugh at ourselves. Brian Crane and the characters of Pickles can help us do that.

What about you...do you have a favorite comic that reflects on marriage?

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