Thursday, August 06, 2009

Is Marriage and Healthy Relationships Fun and Games?

Posted by Michele Olson

Remember the old game; Truth or Dare?

If you didn’t want to tell the truth about a question asked, you had to do the dare set forth.

Here’s a new game for couples along the same lines, but instead you are asked to be authentic…to tell the truth.

For couples that love games or feel this would be a great tool to get to some subjects they haven’t been able to talk about…here’s a nice solution.

The board game is called Authenticity.

From the website where you can also see a news story on the game:

The game of Authenticity was created to provide couples that are dating, engaged or newly married the opportunity to learn more about their mate in a fun, interactive yet informative format. To achieve the full benefits of the game you and your mate must be completely authentic.

Since the object of the game is not winning or losing, but connecting…the competitive people who love games may need to be reminded to stay in the spirit of the endeavor. All in all…what a great way to get to know one another and have some fun along the way.

Do you and your mate like to play games? Can you keep it fun and not too competitive?
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