Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lay-offs and Marriage. Can You Relate?

posted by Michele Olson

Elizabeth Bernstein wrote an article in The Wall Street Journal this week called:
You Drive Me Crazy: What Layoffs Do to a Marriage. With unemployment at an all time high, many couples are experiencing what is usually a retirement type of adjustment- a lot of time without a normal schedule.

Issues that wouldn’t normally come up in a relationship for many years can now be a day to day reality. In addition to the financial stresses, there are emotional ones. The WSJ article points out that one spouse may feel embarrassment over being laid off, pull away from friends and family, and expect their needed closeness to come solely from their spouse.

There can also be challenges if both spouses lose their jobs.

e-how has some great tips on maintaining a happy relationship when your partner gets laid off.

Tell us your story…are you experiencing a lay off in you relationship? Do you have some tips to offer?


M. Denise Wilmer Barreto said...

Fortunately now we are both employed but after 9/11 we were without work for 8 months. We did lots of creative things.

Free movies from the library.
Discounted movies at theatre during the day for special treat
Learned the discount days at restaurants like $5 dollar pizza Mondays.
Went to secondhand stores in swank towns nearby

Lots of picnic lunches in the various parks in out area

Try and create a routine that every one can live with

It's best to look at the time as a blessing. said...

Great suggestions M...thanks for the tips!