Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Editors of the Christian Science Monitor Get It !

posted by Michele Olson

I was thrilled to run across an editorial from the Christian Science Monitor’s Editorial Board published yesterday.

They get it.

They’re asking you to get it too.

Sure, it’s tough road we have chosen; to get the word out about the importance of healthy relationships and healthy marriages. A lot of people don’t question the decline they see going on around them. Let me rephrase that. They question it…they just don’t understand that there are real and tangible things they can do about it.

The article points out what has been happening and what thinkmarriage.org is a part of; the healthy marriage program begun in 2005 when Congress committed $100 million a year for five years to promote an improvement in communication skills and conflict resolution. These skills keep marriages together, which keeps families together, which in the long run affects many of the ills of society like poverty, unwed childbirth, incarceration, drug abuse etc.

The current budget proposes keeping the legislation. Before he was president, Mr. Obama wrote: “Policies that strengthen marriage for those who choose it and that discourage unintended births outside of marriage are sensible goals to pursue.”

The Editorial Board strongly states that the president needs to take a stronger stand on behalf of this program so it doesn’t quietly slip away in Congress.

Will you join their call and let your voice be heard ?


M. Denise Wilmer Barreto said...

Absolutely, count me in! Will get on my congressmen and senators right away!

thinkmarriage.org said...

Hello M,
Again we have to wonder if we can clone your enthusiasm and dedication to being a Marriage Champion. Thank you for being a "doer"...hopefully you inspire others to do the same!