Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Dr. Josh Coleman, Elmo and Your Family

posted by Michele Olson

Dr. Josh Coleman, an author we highlighted in our Dec. 22, 2008 blog will be on a special Sesame Street Workshop program tonight on PBS geared toward helping families cope with tough economic times. With two out of three middle-class families at risk for losing their economic security, the hour-long special will focus on helping families cope with all our recent economic challenges. Hosted by Al Roker, Deborah Roberts and yes…Elmo….relationship expert Dr. Coleman will be on hand to provide simple strategies and tips that can easily be integrated into a family’s every day routine. Geared for the 2-8 year old, everyone in the family is sure to learn a thing or two by watching the lives of people like the Balli Family of Canyon Lake California who were forced to sell everything and move into a two bedroom motor home to survive after a job loss.

The special addresses everything from how to have difficult conversations to how to strategize and budget…and tips on how to say “no” to your children’s wants when you never had to in the past. Beyond the special Sesame Workshop will also provide additional resources online.

Joe Balli says it best with his stellar attitude:
“We lost a house. I lost a box of wood. I didn’t lose a home. My home is where the four of us are together. It could be a mobile home- what we’re living in now. It could be the backseat of a car. It could be in the spare bedroom of a friend’s house. That’s where our home is. That’s something no one can take away- no bank, no government. That’s yours. Those memories come with you. You’ve lost the house. You don’t lose your home.”

Check your local listings and tune in. Let us know your thoughts!

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