Thursday, September 24, 2009

Love by the Numbers and How I Know That!

posted by Michele Olson

Did you know that in Wisconsin the percentage of married couples in each of these counties looks like this:
Brown 52%
Outagamie 56%
Fond du Lac 61%
Milwaukee 42%
Waukesha 62%
Marathon 58%

These are some of the counties where we hold workshops. By contrast the percentage of divorced people in each of these counties is:
Brown 10%
Outagamie 9%
Fond du Lac 7%
Milwaukee 12%
Waukesha 9%
Marathon 11%

Compare that to the numbers of those never married:
Brown 33%
Outagamie 29%
Fond du Lac 26%
Milwaukee 41%
Waukesha 24%
Marathon 25%

How in the world do I know this? It’s a handy dandy tool that allows you to scroll over a state and county to know the latest census figures on marriage statistics.

More census findings:
· The number of unmarried people climbed to about one-third of all Americans over 15
· Oklahoma has the highest rate of people who have been married three times or more
· Utah and Idaho tied for the youngest median bride age at 23.5 years old

These newly released census figures also show that the number of unmarried people continued its 10-year climb, the ranks of married people in the U.S. rose by nearly 6 million last year, bucking a decade-long decline. The number of divorced people rose…but only slightly.

It’s an interesting look at marriage by the numbers. Are you surprised by what you see? How is your area doing?

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