Monday, September 14, 2009

Is Your Marriage Going Down the Drain?

posted by Michele Olson
As crazy as it sounds…a little video on may be very helpful in opening the discussion about how to co -exist with one bathroom in your marriage. In just two and a half minutes, Jonathan E. Stewart covers many of the things that can cause friction with a couple.
Who is supposed to clean the bathroom? Do you divide up the space 50/50 and how about the time spent in the bathroom?

Amazingly enough he doesn’t get into the right way to squeeze a toothpaste tube or the correct way to hang the toilet paper on the roll…but he does get into the idea of setting and respecting ground rules and being patient with one another. (Hint, there isn't a right way!)

If you are having some bathroom sharing frustrations with your mate, this may be just what you need to spark some positive discussion to ease those tensions.

We’d hate to think that your love life is “going down the drain” due to one of the smallest rooms in your house or apartment.

Told from a man’s point of view, it’s worth a watch.

So, take a look at “How to Share a Bathroom” and then please tell us some of your funny bathroom stories…and how you’ve worked out this matter of importance in your home!

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