Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Date in Six Words

Posted by Michele Olson
It’s six words or less time again! Reader’s Digest challenged readers to describe their first date in six words or less. Here are some of the results…

"Broke leg on future husband's motorcycle!"
"Oh my. What was I thinking?"
"Disaster, I should have known then!"
"Next time don't order the spaghetti."
"Blind date. Too bad I wasn't."
"Full of butterflies but so amazing."

Now it’s your turn! Maybe your first date was recently…or maybe it was years ago. Whatever the case, have some fun and share with our blog readers. A good reminder that is also here for single, seriously dating and engaged people too. We have workshops like How to Avoid Marrying a Jerk or Jerkette and Within My Reach…as well as great pre-marital inventories. Relationship Coaching is also available online. Let us know how we can be an asset to your relationship journey.
Now…what are your six words?


Maria said...

we can't tell my dad yet!

haha. my fiance and my dad worked together, and we didn't want to tell him right away! said...

Hi Maria..
Sounds like it brought back a fond memory! Thanks for blogging!

Kevin Decker said...

Surprised her with kiss, happily married. said...

Love it Kevin...
Why not become a part of our Marriage Hall of Fame? You can see it at click on the relationships tab and it's near the bottom...just a jpeg pic and a little about you is all we need and you are a Hall of Famer!
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Anonymous said...

I told you! He's the one...

I knew right away Allen was it! Called my best friend and said... Guess what!?!?!? I just went on my first date with my future husband. So, on my wedding date, I said:
" I told you! He's the one!"
~Tara said...

Great memories! And you were right...that's the best part!
Keep blogging Tara! :)

M. Denise Wilmer Barreto said...

"Ended with sweet card and kiss"

Our first date 9 years and one month ago TODAY was at a mexican restaurant across the street from the Best Buy where we met. I was so surprised that he handed me a card after walking me to my car. After I read the card, he leaned in a kissed me. I knew my single days were numbered. said...

Ahhh.very nice! thanks for blogging!

Dixie said...

Delightful, suprising, memorable, fun, and the beginning said...

That was very nice and sweet, but 7 words ! :) It's still great!

Anonymous said...

"Nice guy, weird Jesus thing."

Only 5 words.

It was a blind date, and he was pleasant and obviously kind-hearted. But at the end he talked about Jesus and I thought he was a bit strange.

That was 21 years ago!

~Susan said...

How about adding the word "A" in front to get the six words! :)
The sentiment still works in five words too!
Thanks for blogging.