Monday, October 12, 2009

Couples Retreat - NOT!

Posted by Michele Olson

One of the top movies of the weekend was a movie called Couples Retreat. This flick has some big name stars including Vince Vaughn who we can usually count on for a laugh in a movie. For those thinking they are going to see anything that has any resemblance to a real couples retreat…or that the script wasn’t written from the “get a laugh a minute” point of view, save your money.
You will either find it very funny, funny and offensive, or not your taste in movies, but you won’t find great marriage advice. (Tip, never assume from the previews that you are getting the intent of a movie. Take a few moments to read a variety of reviewers takes to get an idea if a movie is for you.)
Vanessa Farquharson, a reviewer for the National Post, after giving the overview of the movie had this to say:

So, for those hoping to obtain any real insight into long-term matrimonial strategies, allow this humble reviewer to simply waive the ticket price and cut to the chase: According to Couples Retreat, if your marriage is falling apart, the appropriate thing to do is avoid couples therapy at all costs and instead visit a singles resort, where you should pound back vodka shooters until a hateful argument ensues with your spouse, followed by wicked make-up sex, and presto - problem solved!
As Vaughn's character says to his wife: "We don't have a problem ... We have a million problems." In a way, this movie also has a million problems, and yet studio executives didn't seem to hesitate in offering their commitment. Still, audiences may find it much easier to tolerate with a few shots of something beforehand.

May we humbly suggest that a marriage education retreat could really provide you with what you are looking for when it comes to enriching your marriage? Visit our classes tab for classes coming to Wisconsin and watch our calendar for our soon coming online classes. Relationship coaching is also available in person or on line.

We promise there will be laughter and a good time without the Hollywood treatment in a real couples retreat!

Have you been to a marriage retreat ? What did you find to be most valuable about your experience?

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