Monday, October 05, 2009

Happy Scarecrow / Why We Need A Marriage Index

Posted by Michele Olson
O.K., “non-researchy” people who read this blog. If you are like me, you might read something like Index of Marriage Indicators and slowly slip out of the back of the room to grab a latte while scholarly folks enter into a heady discussion.

That’s why I want you to pay special attention. The social science research lovers among us need no convincing that they should read on…they’ve probably already found the link, left this blog and moved to chew on every juicy morsel. But, for the rest of us lovers of marriage and what it means to society, we need to get this.

There is now a large body of research out there that suggests that the status of marriage influences our well-being at least as much as the status of our finances.

Yes. Read that sentence again. At least as much as our finances, and we all know how much we like to talk about that subject! We’re all about measuring and publishing economic indicators. They are in the news every night. But when it comes to marriage and how it affects the health and bottom line of our society, in comparison, none of us would be able to add much to the discussion.

Here is our chance to have a clear, compelling and commonly agreed upon set of leading marriage indicators that will enable us to focus on the health of marriage in America and what it means to our society. Grab that favorite coffee and take the time to read these indicators, even if you have to add a cookie to the mix to make it seem less like work.

These indicators are from a bipartisan group of scholars. ( I myself always envision the Wizard of Oz giving the Scarecrow his diploma when I think scholarly.)

But I digress.

So here we have it, widely shared, trackable goals that can put us in the same playing field as the importance of economic indicators. No longer, “I think” or “He said” or “She Said” but here is what’s actually happening folks. Look this over and use these facts when talking to your friends, family and circle of influence…as you occupy your title of Marriage Champion.

So without further ado….go and see this great report for yourself. The First Ever “Index of Leading Marriage Indicators” available for free download…or just $5 for a hard copy from The Institute of American Values all at
Read the report and post some thoughts.
Somewhere over the rainbow, the Scarecrow is smiling.


M. Denise Wilmer Barreto said...

Very cool link. Sent it to three friends.

Especially love the 101 ideas - can't wait to get going on some of them... said...

Hello M...
Yes another great tool to use to spread the word about how important healthy marriages are to our society and our economy! Thanks for spreading the news.