Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yah, What Ivanka Said.

Posted by Michele Olson

While perusing the web for marriage news I came across a very interesting statement by Ivanka Trump, daughter of real estate mogul and TV celebrity Donald Trump. She is marrying Jared Kushner this coming Sunday, and if anyone could have a lavish wedding with no expense spared, it’s probably the daughter of Donald Trump.

That’s why her statement is so refreshing. She said she is not getting too caught up in the day itself. Her next statement is one I wish all brides and grooms would realize:
It’s the marriage that’s important – not the party.” She said that she is most looking forward to “standing with my soon-to-be husband under the chuppa. And then dancing like a maniac with all my friends.”

It’s the marriage that is important, not the party. Are most couples getting that?

Perhaps as we see wedding costs skyrocketing (the average wedding costs more than $27,000, according to wedding web site TheKnot.com) and the state of the economy, weddings will be brought back in line with what is important.

Suggestion: Spend money on pre-marriage inventory classes or pre-marriage relationship coaching. It’s the best investment you can make in your future.

What do you think? Has the wedding day become the focus instead of the marriage?
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Jen @ After The Alter said...

I do think that people focus alot on the party, but I sometimes think that is wonderful. I focused a lot on planning the wedding and although I was soo excited to marry my husband, I was glad I got to have that one big party that I never will forget. I loved being a bride and my husband made the BEST groom...we laughed and partied and enjoyed the day to the fullest...you never get to have another wedding (or hopefully)

thinkmarriage.org said...

Hi Jen,
I too love the party...had a big one almost 31 years ago and to date I think we are the only people who ever served spaghetti at our reception for 400! (Everyone even had a bib to boot)
The main thing is have the wedding of your dreams, but not at the expense of realizing that it really is about the marriage. If people are doing marriage prep of some kind, taking a pre marital inventory and working on their marriage before their marriage, that's a great step to remembering it all really starts after the "I do"...thanks for blogging!