Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Obama Marriage and a Great Video

posted by Michele Olson

Great music video to watch…but first…

If you want to be on the cutting edge, you can get a preview of the Sunday New York Times Magazine article that is going to focus on President Obama and the first lady’s marriage, with insight into the time before the White House.
They talk about the bumps in their marriage and have no desire to be held up some kind of Camelot image, much like we saw in the Kennedy White House years. The acknowledgement that even good marriages are not easy is good for the country, particularly newly married couples who are starting to hit those everyday bumps and feeling that they are experiencing something out of the ordinary. It’s good for young couples to realize that the marriages they may admire now of long-time married couples are not necessarily where they are because the road was easy. In business, if you want to emulate a successful company, don’t copy what they are now, copy what they did to get where they are now.
It’s the same for marriage.
Copy what a couple did to get where they are…which means they have done some work on how to communicate and resolve conflict in a way they both find satisfying. Read the article and let us know what you think.

Now! Great video by Sara Groves…the song is “It’s Me” and it does a wonderful job of showing a couple losing their closeness. The words include the phrase “How can tenderness be gone in the blink of an eye?” It’s the perfect scenario for the need for marriage and healthy relationship education. Everyone will relate to the feelings portrayed and happily the answer is to learn the skills to deal with those moments rather than being left to a feeling of emptiness and hurt.

Watch and comment…what did it make you think of?


M. Denise Wilmer Barreto said...

Great Video and great song - love the lyrics. Amazing wisdom in this song.

I love the first part of the post about marriages we admire and how we need the insight of the journey that they have been on and continue to be on...

We need more and more of these high profile examples. I'd love to see everyday people as well as celebrities and famous folks.

Recently, a good friend shared a video on Facebook of his parents 45wedding anniversary - I was so touched and inspired - why? They looked like me and I could see myself working for that. What an effect! Not my parents but my friends parents whom I've never met in person. said...

You're right...if we can keep our eye on the prize...and realize there is no "easy" path to anything worthwhile...we have much more gumption to keep going. Thanks for blogging!