Thursday, October 01, 2009

The Perfect Addition to Jerry Seinfeld's New Program

Posted by Michele Olson

Jerry Seinfeld whose real life often mirrors his comedy work wants some good “married fighters” for his new TV show. Trouble is- a lot of people don’t want to go on TV and fight in front of other people.

His current project, the first longer form of work since his sitcom “Seinfeld” (that timeless endearing show about nothing) started when he was having a squabble with his wife in real life. During the event, he thought it would be great to have a ref in the room. That was the birth of the idea for his upcoming Sunday night NBC program tentatively scheduled to premiere in March of next year.

In true Seinfeld fashion the program is meant to be funny, not therapeutic.

So the “cast”of the Marriage Ref includes:

*One A-list comedic ref (Yet to be named, but won’t be hard to find…check)

*Celebrity panel to comment (Again, think Hollywood Squares and people between
sitcoms…easy to cast, check)

*Real life couples willing and ready to fight in front of the camera. (Oh, not that easy to find…
hard to check off!)

In relation to a typical “real people “ show being cast, not that many people are showing up for the casting being done in popular places like Brooklyn Flea markets and the Mall of America. Unlike American Idol and other reality shows…this takes the agreement of two people, who admittedly by the very nature of the show argue quite a bit, agreeing to be on the show. Would be actors who just happen to be married to each other and want their 15 minutes of fame just wouldn’t be as interesting as day-to-day people. We all know that day-to-day people who may relish reading about other people’s lives in the tabloids are not that crazy about seeing themselves splashed across America’s TV screens. (For some reason Jon and Kate come to mind here)

Truly, bitter fighting people would be a “downer” on the show, so they are probably looking for a loving couple who can argue in a good-natured fashion while seeming authentic.

No small casting task.

It will be interesting to see if the show is successful and if it brings a positive light to the fact that you can be very different, disagree with humor and still be very committed and loving. That would be entertaining and fun to watch.

It’s a perfect program for to advertise on a national level, so all you lovers of healthy relationships and marriage, feel free to contact us about funding our commercial. We could be the “happy ending” and solution to what was seen during the program.

In fact, it would be the perfect addition to the program…telling America about our great resource on how to communicate and resolve conflict through marriage education, in a healthy way.

Now that would really make it a show about something.

How about you…would you and your spouse go on this program if given the opportunity?

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