Monday, January 11, 2010

Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker…no! CEO and Farmer!

Posted by Michele Olson

Here’s an interesting question. What occupations tend to lead to more divorce? Yes…your job may influence your marital success if you don’t pay attention.

Susan Daly writing in the Irish Independent tells the findings of the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology regarding what occupations have a higher rate of divorce. It’s not just how much you work but what you do that makes a difference. Dr. Michael Aamodt at Radford University initially was trying to find out if police officers suffer a high rate of marital breakdown, something you always hear about police and firefighters.

Guess what. They aren’t doing too badly. It’s the dancers who are having the problems! Dancers have a 43% chance of problems. Bartenders and massage therapists are not far behind with 38 percent. Guess you can figure out your own scenarios of why that might be.

Next, and surprisingly so, it’s the caring professions. Nurses, home health aides, psychiatrists, at 29 percent.

Then entertainers, performers and sports stars, 28.49 percent.

So, statistically, who should you marry? CEO’s and farmers are doing quite well. The correlation is that these people have more control over their time. An even bigger cause of success may be that their spouses understand the nature of who they are marrying…a go getter or an agriculturist. Their break up rate is just under 10 percent. Pharmacists and dentists also do very well.

By the way, police officers fell into the 16 percent category along with writers and travel agents…just slightly above teachers.

So, where does your marriage fall into these types of statistics?

Take heart dancers, bartenders, massage therapists and everyone else in the higher categories. Probability just means you may have to work harder to make sure marital breakdown doesn’t happen to you…and that means taking advantage of marriage and healthy relationship education.

Determine to do that….and the fact that you will look great dancing at your wedding will be the icing on the cake!

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