Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Laughter and the Sorrow

Posted by Michele Olson
Remember the names Barnes and Miner? We were happy to bring them in for a marriage event in the past. Whether you saw them or not, you will enjoy their comedic take on “Now that’s a marriage.”

Both comediennes have national success. Since getting married, they base their act on marriage and parenthood. A married couple performing on stage together is not something you see that often. Usually the comic is making jokes about their spouse. Barnes and Miner are refreshing because they look at the funny side of marriage, not resorting to demeaning one another for a laugh. If you need a light moment in your day, check out their comedy act.

On a more serious note, our hearts and prayers go out to all involved in the Haiti earthquake tragedy. Imagine the devastation to families and marriages as so many people are displaced, injured, and dealing with the loss of a loved one. Please do what you can to help, but be smart about using a proven donation entity. Give an extra hug to your spouse or loved ones today. Tragedies like what has happened in Haiti remind us that life can change in a moment.

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