Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Seinfeld Has a New Show...Not That There's Anything Wrong With That.

posted by Michele Olson

This show is about something.
Since his success with his show about nothing, Jerry Seinfeld is coming back to prime time TV in something other than Seinfeld reruns. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

Much like the pitches he and George Costanza made as their TV characters when they were putting on a show about nothing in the episodes showing them selling their ideas to NBC, this show too is hard to explain. It has one goal...to make people laugh.
Called “The Marriage Ref,” this new show is a combination reality/game/comedy all in one, and there are no big prizes! NBC is providing a peak at the show Feb. 28th before it moves into its regular time slots on Sunday nights starting March 14th.

The Jerry of today is now 55 years old and married with kids. His perspectives have changed a bit since his 90’s hit. Spats are filmed in people’s homes, and a stand up comic serves as the marriage ref who makes the final decision. Various actors and famous people will be weighing in along the way with comments, sure to be funny. Not at all to be taken as a show on any type of marriage expertise, it is only for the purpose of making you laugh. (Translation: marriage world, don't judge this show as something at all geared to actually working on marriages.)

Let’s wait and see if it’s done well, lessons will be learned along the way and if we see ourselves in this new type of entertainment.
Still looking for someone who wants to foot the bill for getting thinkmarriage.org on as an advertiser during this prime time show. Stay tuned for more comment on this program after it airs. We look forward to hearing from you too.

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