Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Survey Says! Family Feuds

posted by Michele Olson

Did you grow up watching Family Feud with Richard Dawson? Survey says! The show is still on today with a different host, but I can’t read a survey and not hear Richard Dawson’s voice in my head. CBS news just did a poll about Americans’ attitude toward family, divorce and marriage.

See if some of the findings are true for your own life.

63% of those surveyed know someone who has cheated in a marriage.

Are people in a higher income and education level more or less likely to know someone who has cheated compared to those with lower income and lower education?

Survey says! The higher income/education level people are more likely to know someone who cheated.

Are most married Americans satisfied with their marriage as compared to their parent’s marriage?

Survey says! 55% think their marriage is better than their parent’s marriage, 41 % think it’s the same and 3% think their marriage is worse than their parents.

Do Americans favor divorce if the marriage isn’t working out?

Survey says! Overall Americans do favor divorce over staying together, though by a lesser margin than they did 15 years ago. (We can hope it’s because the “healthy relationship/marriage education as a tool for a satisfying marriage movement” is making a difference!)

What do American’s think is better for kids growing up? They stand behind the choice for divorce as a better choice if parents are fighting all the time. Again…learning how to communicate and resolve conflicts in a good way could turn the tide on this poll number. Parents could stay together and not fight all the time with the right tools, education and implementation. (Visit

As you can see, there is a real need for healthy relationship and marriage education.

The majority of Americans do feel that getting a divorce is too easy.

The CBS poll was not a huge one, but probably is a good benchmark on what American’s are thinking.

We know what the survey says….now…what do you think?

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