Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Rest of the Kids Hurt by Jon and Kate

Posted by Michele Olson
The whole Jon and Kate saga is definitely sad, and a learning on many levels. It’s really hard to think that they renewed their wedding vows less than a year ago. Now they have announced they are separating and possibly divorcing.

They seem to have lost sight of what they talk about in the beginning of their show…no matter what the future brings, they are in this together.
Apparently now they are each in it for themselves.

Who can bear to think about the kids?

What about the kids who watch the show? It has become an event for many families to watch this family grow. The Washington Post has an article that addresses this. It’s about Sophie, a 15 year old who got her family hooked on watching the show together. She loved watching a family and a marriage. Now what is she to feel and think?

The learning is a reminder of how much rampant divorce in our society affects our children. Read the article and share your thoughts.


Mama said...

It is very sad to watch. I see two people whose pride and ego is too big to even make an effort to work things out. It seems as though he has had one to many people talking in his ear about all the crap he has taken all these years from Kate. They pumped up his ego so much he didn't even feel the need to talk to Kate at all. He was 'standing up for himself.' And as much as I have grown to dislike Kate of the years of watching the show - this season I actually feel bad for her. I think she was caught off guard by all of Jon's resentment and anger. Being the control freak she is I am sure she tried to remedy the situation but I think it was Jon who had other plans. It's too bad the media has it out for her and has turned the tables. No matter what her personality was like NO ONE deserves to be cheated on. It was NOT her fault. If he had issues in his marriage than he should have worked them out while still IN his marriage. Otherwise wait until it's over.

thinkmarriage.org said...

Hello Mama,
Isn't it amazing that you feel like you know these people after watching the show? I really wish they could have come to a thinkmarriage.org workshop and worked on greater communication and conflict resolution skills. I encourage anyone to take a workshop or class in their area and continue to work on their marriage...so we don't see more Jon and Kates! Thanks for blogging.

Krista said...

so sad :( i loved jon&kate plus 8, it really sucks how their love fell apart. I still hold hope that they will get back together though!

thinkmarriage.org said...

HI Krista,
Yes, sad is just the right word. I'm hoping when all the hoopla is over (even though they are continuing the show) they will sit down and think about what they are giving up and reconcile. We can hope! Thanks for blogging!

M. Denise Wilmer Barreto said...

I am not a fan of the show but Kate came to speak at my church earlier this year so my interest did perk up before all the drama.. Interesting enough - I believe that this is a very painful situation that could have possibly played out differently if the whole world were not watching.

It is heartbreaking to see a marriage dissolve in sound bites. I struggle to not judge and say - turn off the camera already and spend time together to mend your marriage. There is too much at stake.

I am praying for them, reconciliation is possible but they both have to humble themselves.Regardless of what has taken place - reconciliation is worth it and possible.

I know - I am living it now.

thinkmarriage.org said...

Hi M,
Thanks for the comments...and for the observation " a marriage dissolving in sound bites." The truth is none of us know the whole story but we can all be pulling for reconciliation. Congrats on living it now!Keep blogging.