Thursday, July 23, 2009

Good Information on TV

posted by Michele Olson
Applause to Good Things Utah, ABC 4! Came across this “5 Things NOT to Do after You Say, “I Do” information. The five tips are great for newlyweds or a marriage of any length.

1) Don’t say “My family always does it this way.”
2) Don’t think marriage will make you happy, because it won’t.
(The point being happy is a do-it-yourself job)
3) Don’t believe your partner will change.
4) If you think talking about the hard stuff will take the romance out of your marriage, get over it.
5) Don’t shy away from a fight.

You can read the explanation of the points, but I encourage you to watch the video for a much more animated viewpoint. It’s great to see that they encourage learning conflict resolution skills, which of course we offer through marriage education at

What do you think of the five points? Any life stories about them from your marriage?

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