Thursday, July 02, 2009

A Judge With A Higher Purpose

Posted by Michele Olson

Leah Ward Sears just stepped down this week as the Chief Justice of the Georgia Supreme Court. In a article she reflects on her brother’s sudden death and his despair over what has been happening to the American family which she believe played a role in his demise.

Leah herself has had a front row seat to what is the truth behind the statistics of family breakdown…the devastation happening to the lives of people day after day. She talks about our lack of viewing marriage seriously. She believes the U.S. is engaged in an unintended campaign to diminish the importance of marriage and fatherhood by refusing to do what we can to change the course of so many divorces and unwed childbearing.

She points to the devastation to children.

She stepped down from the bench to pursue a life’s work to do something about what she sees.
Read the article and let us know your thoughts.


M. Denise Wilmer Barreto said...

Amazing article.

It echos comments I have left here before - I agree with Her Honor - we are unintentionally campaigning against the relationship that is cornerstone to our society and its future - marriage.

Thanks for sharing. I love this blog - please keep it up. said...

Thanks for the encouragement M...tell your friends to come and be followers...the more people we can get talking about healthy marriages, the better!