Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Thank You Wall Street Journal

posted by Michele Olson

The Wall Street Journal online is speaking our language, on the same page,and helping tell the story we like to tell. While many people only think in terms of counseling when it comes to working on your marriage, at, we work in marriage education. That’s a new thought to most people…the idea of learning communication and conflict resolution skills in a workshop setting as opposed to sitting together as a couple with a counselor.

Yesterday two articles were posted. One was titled:

Working on Your Marriage- at Work

The first article poses the question: Is the ability to stay married something that can be taught? For people wondering if it’s just a matter of opinion, there is evidence that marriage education can help a couple stay together. Follow the links in the article if you are someone who likes to see statistics and studies. Then there’s the person who just knows a good idea when they hear it. It makes sense that if you work on something and have more knowledge about it, it has a far greater chance of working better.

The second article talks about another trend we are happy to be a part of: providing marriage and healthy relationship education on the job. That’s because statistically we know that unhappily married employees decrease profitability. There’s a whole page on our website with great resources for you to check out regarding what is available to you as an employee or employer. The bottom line is; the healthier the relationships in a business, the more the employer makes and the more likelihood there will be money for raises for employees. That’s why everyone should care.

Read The Wall Street Journal articles and come back here to comment. It is great to see this valuable discussion opening up across our country.


M. Denise Wilmer Barreto said...

Thanks for posting those.

I love the positive press about marriage.

The comments that accompanied them were a bit scary but I say - let's get all the views out on the table. It is very similar to race relations - we must confront our true feelings about this topic to truly heal and move on from our messy past.

I am glad marriage is getting some positive press.

We need it! said...

You're right M!
Marriage education is a relatively new idea and with all new ideas, healthy discussion is not a bad thing. In the end, if someone reading about marriage education because it's in the press actually takes part in a workshop or class, and it saves their marriage or makes is more rewarding...then that is what is important. One marriage at a time. Thanks for blogging!