Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Look Back at Marriage In America

posted by Michele Olson
Been to a museum lately? Here at the headquarters in Green Bay, WI we have access to a great museum called the Neville Public Museum. A recent visiting exhibit caught our eyes; it’s called Here Comes the Bride: Weddings in America. It’s a traveling exhibit from the Rogers Historical Museum in Rogers Arkansas.
The exhibit explore such themes as: courtships and engagements; weddings in early America; 19th- and 20th-century wedding attire; decorations and gifts; the ceremony; the honeymoon; royal weddings; ethnic customs; and modern changes in weddings.

It seems to be a reasonably priced exhibit to bring to your town, and may be something you can work with your city to exhibit while giving you the opportunity to talk about Marriage Education then and now…and how marriage is changing through the years.

While love is eternal, marriage through the ages is continually changing. Is it changing for the better or do you long for the good old days?

It’s probably all in your perspective. One positive thing is the idea of marriage education. Most of us were brought up just hoping our relationships worked out, that we picked OK people, and that happily ever after would be our destiny.

Today we know that through marriage education and learning healthy relationship skills -like how to really communicate and solve conflicts, we have a much greater chance of having a mutually satisfying relationship.

While we cherish all the traditions of marriage, we can also feel good about the future of marriage if people are willing to prepare for their marriage by doing things like taking a pre marital check up.

Be sure and check out Here Comes the Bride; Weddings in America if it comes to your town…or consider hosting it as a way to bring some attention to your marriage message of today.

It’s the perfect blend of something old and something new.

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