Monday, May 24, 2010

A Statistic Gone Wrong

posted by Michele Olson

Statistics can be scary things. Like most things in life, you really have to take them with a grain of salt. They are extremely sad when they are thrown at families that were going forward with hope, making their way only to hear a statistic that they are likely to fail.

That’s the case with an autism statistic that has been bantered around for some time. If you have an autistic child, you probably have heard that divorce rates among marriages with autistic children can be as high as 80%.

That’s just discouraging.

But here’s some encouragement.

As reported in the Baltimore Sun, and using data from nearly 78,000 children ages 3 through 17 recorded by the 2007 National Survey of Children's Health, researchers found that the parents of autistic children are just as likely to be married as the parents of their peers.

No one even knows for sure where the 80 percent figure first came from. But it's been perpetuated for years.


Are there more challenges for parents with children of autism? There are definitely challenges for many child hood conditions but as far as anyone has reported, the perfect child has yet to be invented, and the hardship factor depends on many things including the temperaments and circumstances of life for the parents and children.

A good start for any challenge is two married people who know how to communicate and resolve conflicts in a healthy way, no matter what life holds.

We can help with that. Visit for information and tangible ways to increase your ability to communicate as a couple.

Think about it. We’ve never heard of anyone who was sorry they worked on their marriage. We have heard from many people who were sorry they didn’t.

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