Thursday, May 13, 2010

Talking About Remarriage

posted by Michele Olson

If you are divorced, your likelihood of remarriage is quite high.

National Center for Health Statistics (2002) shows:
54 % of divorced women remarry within 5 years
75 % of divorced women remarry within 10 years

15% of second marriages ended after 3 years and almost a quarter after 5 years.

The divorce rate following re-marriage is higher than that for the first marriage.

In the US, 47% of first marriages end up in divorce and 60-80% of remarriages end up in divorce.

Remarriage is an important opportunity for healthy relationship education.

If you are remarried or considering remarrying here's a book for you:
The Remarriage Check-up; Tools to help your marriage last a lifetime.

A marriage and divorce or a marriage and death of a spouse is a painful experience in life. You want remarriage to be a great experience. The key is education. It gets even better. You can take the Couples Checkup online at and then use those findings to help you discover ways to improve all aspects of your marriage by build on your strengths.

The topic of step families is also addressed. Everyone I have ever spoken to in a step family acknowledges that it is quite an adjustment, in addition to the adjustment of marriage. The well qualified authors of this book encourage you to get issues solved before they become problematic and the Couple's Check Up and this read are what you need to make that happen.

Remember, buying on line Couples Check up and books at helps support our non-profit. You can't go wrong!

Are you remarried or thinking about it? Share your thoughts! Have you read The Remarriage Check Up?

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