Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Being in a “Crevasse”

Posted by Michele Olson

This is a story, part of a paper presented at National Conference on Marriage, Malta, 7th February 2009, written by a gentleman from the U.K., Harry Benson.

Many of you will see yourself in this story, or you will see the lives of your parents or someone you know. It’s the tale of what happens in a marriage when people grow apart, and what happens when they are willing to take part in marriage education.

The story is about the marriage of Harry and Kate. There is also an interesting thought about the idea of “crevasse moments.” Harry describes these as moments when a couple realizes they are drifting apart, and they fall into a crevasse…or crevice as we would more likely call it in the U.S.

He describes it as a fall. It feels horrible. It’s scary, dark and uncomfortable to be disconnected from the one you love. And, you have to climb out.

The difference is; with marriage education, you know how to climb out. You know that the effort is worth it.

It’s an interesting paper well worth your time. Read it, and then let us know some thoughts.

How do you handle your “crevasse” moments?

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