Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How Wealthy is Your Marriage?

Posted by Michele Olson

A great on-the front lines friend to the healthy marriage movement across the country is Julie Baumgardner. She has been a pioneer in many creative and on-the-ground ideas to raise awareness of healthy relationships. Julie serves as the President and Executive Director of First Things First, a grassroots organization dedicated to strengthening families in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

In her recent Washington Times article she spoke with professor Kit Yarrow, a consumer psychologist who teaches psychology and business at Golden Gate University in San Francisco. The topic was of course, the economy! Many people are worried about how marriages are being affected by so much economic stress in the home. Her article and tips dwell on the positive and the good things that can come out of what may at first blush appear to be negative.

Read her article for a boost to your own positive attitude about what’s important in life, and what true wealth means.

Has the economy become a big issue in your marriage? Let us hear your story.

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