Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Does Your Child’s Bedtime Affect Your Marriage?

posted by Michele Olson

Jill Spivack, MSW, author, psychotherapist and mother of two has some advice at momlogic. She has observed in her parenting groups that the parents whose kids go to bed at a reasonable hour, 7-8 PM, seem happier and more fulfilled than those whose kids stay up later.

Makes sense. When kids go to sleep late, there is no refueling time for the parent or the couple. Lack of sleep causes crankiness, resentment and bickering. It’s probably more the reason that couples don’t have sex that the proverbial “headache.” Her bottom line: sleep deprivation brings out the worst in everyone.

Probably an easy thing to implement for couples just getting started with little children, but for those already in a pattern of staying up late…could make for some interesting evenings.

What do you think? What time do your kids go to bed? Let us hear from you.

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